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[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] kkdhvasl.php 05-Sep-2016 07:35 1.7K [IMG] hose-adapter.jpg 08-Jun-2016 21:35 10K [IMG] screw-cam.jpg 07-Jun-2016 09:48 15K [IMG] cycloidal-reducer.gif 30-May-2016 01:20 789K [IMG] newplan.gif 27-May-2016 23:05 835K [IMG] nautilus-staircase.gif 01-May-2016 20:56 549K [IMG] 60mm-wheel.png 12-Feb-2016 15:37 16K [IMG] unwinder.gif 12-Feb-2016 14:52 185K [IMG] dual-cycloid-ratio.gif 04-Feb-2016 10:18 941 [IMG] 6faceswitch.png 29-Jan-2016 11:15 28K [IMG] faceswitch.png 29-Jan-2016 10:38 15K [IMG] convex-hull.png 26-Jan-2016 12:47 4.2K [IMG] kossack-quickremove.png 22-Jan-2016 09:25 20K [IMG] kossack-newsupport.png 21-Jan-2016 16:10 29K [IMG] lightstruder.jpg 18-Jan-2016 10:00 78K 50% less extruder than other extruders [IMG] 4startscrew.png 12-Jan-2016 10:54 45K [IMG] crossplate.gif 30-Dec-2015 13:30 253K [IMG] notthatstrong.jpg 23-Dec-2015 14:19 162K [IMG] wobblebox.jpg 22-Dec-2015 19:46 231K cycloidal gearbox with ring as input [IMG] candy-shells.jpg 21-Dec-2015 00:27 124K [IMG] wobblebox-1.gif 16-Dec-2015 15:05 380K [IMG] elephant-nautilus.jpg 11-Dec-2015 23:13 98K [IMG] pointlessly-huge-squirrel-f..> 10-Dec-2015 01:10 197K [IMG] candy-twist.jpg 09-Dec-2015 09:23 100K [IMG] itispossible.jpg 09-Dec-2015 00:53 126K [IMG] morefan.jpg 08-Dec-2015 23:08 144K [IMG] snowflake-holes.jpg 08-Dec-2015 22:51 112K [IMG] snowflake-chalice.png 08-Dec-2015 22:38 24K [IMG] candy-twist-vase.jpg 08-Dec-2015 09:39 38K [IMG] matching-snowflakes.jpg 06-Dec-2015 15:56 148K [IMG] 200C.jpg 06-Dec-2015 11:24 63K 470-ohm res acts like 200C thermistor [IMG] arkie-swoosh.png 04-Dec-2015 16:39 13K [IMG] flange-bearing.png 01-Dec-2015 12:06 34K [IMG] crossrail-2060.png 27-Nov-2015 17:01 63K [IMG] crossrail3.gif 27-Nov-2015 15:08 265K [IMG] tri-actuator2.gif 27-Nov-2015 09:56 820K [IMG] tri-actuator.gif 26-Nov-2015 14:08 782K [IMG] sarrlanc.png 18-Nov-2015 14:10 19K [IMG] cnc-z.gif 17-Nov-2015 16:50 442K [IMG] crossrail.gif 14-Nov-2015 18:19 434K [IMG] steel-toebiter.gif 25-Sep-2015 12:31 440K [IMG] extrusion-slider.gif 24-Sep-2015 16:09 342K [IMG] angelplate.png 31-Aug-2015 10:03 16K [IMG] toestubber.jpg 30-Aug-2015 13:34 177K [IMG] shuttle-tetris.png 13-Aug-2015 13:06 11K [IMG] v-actuator4.jpg 24-Jul-2015 10:20 120K [IMG] v-actuator3.jpg 20-Jul-2015 23:12 152K [IMG] v-actuator2.jpg 20-Jul-2015 09:15 210K [IMG] v-actuator.jpg 16-Jul-2015 11:13 125K [IMG] linear-bb.jpg 08-Jul-2015 00:39 74K [IMG] crazycnc6.gif 06-Jul-2015 10:28 149K [IMG] crazycnc5.jpg 06-Jul-2015 08:26 298K [IMG] crazycnc3.gif 25-Jun-2015 17:57 135K [IMG] crystal-flower.jpg 24-Jun-2015 21:36 175K [IMG] crazycnc2.gif 24-Jun-2015 13:03 103K [IMG] crazycnc.gif 24-Jun-2015 11:32 98K [IMG] vase-zwobble.jpg 20-Jun-2015 19:57 199K [IMG] vase-gaps.jpg 18-Jun-2015 15:17 91K [IMG] crystals-finally.jpg 07-Jun-2015 22:40 197K [IMG] retraction-01.jpg 06-Jun-2015 21:58 172K [IMG] bridge-01.jpg 06-Jun-2015 21:33 264K [IMG] brightidea.jpg 30-May-2015 23:59 135K [IMG] junkprint.jpg 30-May-2015 23:25 195K Junk Drawer [IMG] stringy.jpg 30-May-2015 21:45 183K [IMG] calibration-blob.jpg 28-May-2015 22:56 121K OpenSCAD routines, written docs [IMG] caltrop-prints.jpg 28-May-2015 22:56 120K [IMG] goo-pigtail.jpg 04-Mar-2015 23:51 147K [IMG] calibrate-this.jpg 04-Mar-2015 23:51 288K OpenSCAD routines, written docs [IMG] needs-backlight.jpg 04-Mar-2015 09:01 165K [IMG] thingamabob-2.jpg 20-Feb-2015 21:06 172K tensioner sits on motor bolts [IMG] thingamabob-1.jpg 20-Feb-2015 21:06 109K [IMG] xbelt.jpg 18-Feb-2015 22:52 257K [IMG] whatisit.jpg 16-Feb-2015 15:47 263K [IMG] x-carriage.jpg 16-Feb-2015 12:33 244K [IMG] zaxis.jpg 13-Feb-2015 20:36 262K [IMG] xz-carrier.png 11-Feb-2015 23:47 441K [IMG] shaft-drive.jpg 07-Feb-2015 14:55 222K [IMG] substitute-motor.jpg 05-Feb-2015 00:52 280K [IMG] bearing-holder.jpg 02-Feb-2015 00:27 235K [IMG] y-motor-y.jpg 01-Feb-2015 23:25 268K [IMG] motor-fits.jpg 30-Jan-2015 23:53 203K [IMG] blue-caltrop.jpg 30-Jan-2015 21:24 362K [IMG] doesnotfit.jpg 30-Jan-2015 00:29 135K [IMG] mk6-anim.gif 18-Jun-2014 13:21 1.3M [IMG] bearingslide.gif 11-Jun-2014 13:24 485K [IMG] gerotor_outer.png 31-May-2014 22:33 10K Gerotor Pump [IMG] gerotor-circus.gif 30-May-2014 18:44 568K Gerotor Pump [IMG] gerotor-anim.gif 29-May-2014 20:57 438K Gerotor Pump [IMG] spragg2.png 18-Dec-2013 11:00 12K [IMG] hot-knife.JPG 18-Jul-2013 19:06 163K Useless iron becomes foam cutter [IMG] ball-in-cage-switch.gif 13-Feb-2012 10:48 7.8K
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