[SDL Powered] SDL_hotkey is a simple SDL add-on library for Windows CE®, that allows the use of those pain-in-the-ass-to-code-for front panel keys in SDL. The hardware hotkeys are captured and routed to SDL key events, as SDLK_F1 through SDLK_F15. Key down and key up events are both generated. I've released it as freeware. EVC3.0 project files and ARM binaries are enclosed in the zip. Enjoy!

Note - I've discovered that the arrow keys and the hotkeys cannot be used in conjunction - i.e. as Windows CE® reports it, the hotkeys and the arrow keys are never both down at the same time.. WinCE generates false keyup messages to avoid this for some reason. If I ever find out how to get around this, I will patch the code, but it seems unavoidable at the moment.

Update - This code seems to not work for versions of Windows CE® newer than PocketPC 2001. I do not yet have a fix for this. If anyone else has any hints on how to get this to work I would appreciate it, as I do not have a modern PocketPC to test with and am stumped!

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand, (90K)