[SDL Powered]

Currently supports Linux®, Windows®, and Windows CE®. Binaries of the latter two included.

Update! Now with UTF8 support! It is available as 1.0.2. Since it includes the GNU Unifont, the license has been changed to GNU GPL, however, portions of the code remain freeware.

Update! A fix for the fix is now available as 0.2.1-rc1. 0.2 fixed the original bug but introduced another bug which coincidentally acted exactly the same.

Update! Jorge has let me know that SDL_reader freezes when there's no newline at the end of the file. Thanks to his report, this bug, and another related one about sometimes not displaying the last bit on a page, have been fixed, bumping the version to 0.2. Thanks!

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand,


SDL_reader-0.2.1-rc1.tar.gz (250K)

SDL_reader-0.2.tar.gz (250K) (250K)

SDL_reader-0.1.tar.gz (250K) (250K)