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SDL_RWlib is a library of extensions to SDL's SDL_RWops streams. Stream extensions for UNIX® fd's, zlib compression/decompression, growable temporary memory and file spaces, a threadsafe simultaneous read/write chunk-based ring-buffer, TCP/IP client sockets, reading from HTTP and URL sources, and bzip2 compression/decompression streams are currently included. More may be added when I think of them.

Feel free to use these in your own code as long as the license is respected; if you want a GPL exemption, contact me.

Update -- tested on Macintosh OSX®, and new features in 0.0.3 -- loading from HTTP servers, general URL's, and bzip2 files.

Update -- Tested under Windows®, with a few fixes 100% functionality was obtained -- even the UNIX® FD's work. These portability fixes are in 0.0.2.

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand,


SDL_rwlib-0.0.2.tar.gz (9K)

SDL_rwlib-0.0.2 VC6 project (213K)

SDL_rwlib-0.0.1.tar.gz (8K)