[SDL Powered] This is File-and-Forget. Instant web server, just add water! Based on SDL, SDL_net, and SDL_websrv.

It prints out the valid URL complete with your local IP address for easy copy-pasting to someone else. It runs for two minutes or until someone downloads the file once, whichever comes first, then terminates.

So far, Linux® and Windows® are supported. Other ports are of course welcome.

Update -- Macintosh OSX™ is now supported by faf. A few cosmetic fixes have also been made to the code, and the ugly automake crap replaced by simple handwritten makefiles. Enjoy v0.3!

Update -- Windows® executables and project files have been added, because it makes a good proof-of-principle of SDL's portability, and I'll probably use it.

Update -- static Linux® x86 executables have been added because I found them handy, so maybye someone else will too. They do not require SDL or SDL_net to be installed on the system, only pthreads. This has the drawback of making the executable 500K uncompressed, but there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand,

faf-0.3.tar.gz (12K)

faf-0.2.tar.gz (470K)

faf-0.2 VC6 project (470K)

Linux x86 static executable (230K)

faf-0.2 Windows® binaries (112K)

faf-0.1.tar.gz (300K)