I did some music awhile back. I'm going through a dry spell right now, but I might do some more eventually. Who knows? Here's what I got:
  • Alien Horizon -- in my defense, I wrote it in FastTracker II with horrible speakers for an 8-bit game...
  • Crossfire -- from my horrible old DOS crossfire game, now in my horrible new SDL crossfire game
  • Frozen Stars -- Not quite so horrible since I'd started using XMs instead of MODS.
  • Alphaman -- I didn't quite get this whole "balancing volume" thing when I wrote this...
  • Watching the Stars -- Old but still one of my better ones. Relatively.
  • Ghost In the Machine -- I hadn't even HEARD OF the anime when I named this. If I had I would've picked something else.
  • Alloy Run -- Not an original of mine, but a remake of the original Alloy Run by Jerogen Tel
  • An "ending" tune I'd made for a now essentially-defunct game that never got made...
  • Challenger -- Not named after the shuttle, but a novel... which... was named after the shuttle...
  • New Rock -- This one's not bad.
  • Hyperlight -- one of my favorites.
  • Ion Storm -- another favorite.
  • Untitled -- old.
  • Bad Dreams -- Perhaps my best one. Instrumental techno.
  • Melee tune -- Rock/metal.
  • Exploratory Tune -- Instrumentaly.
  • PrettySpace -- Kind of surreal.
  • Ship Upgrade Music -- Dense techno ohyeah.
  • Small Wonder -- chiptune-y.
Update -- here's some stuff I wrote more recently. Numbered ones don't have a proper name yet.