Samsung Antenna

Samsung: Let's make a shitty phone with horrible reception but full of bright flashy java stuff and sell it without an antenna enhancement option it sorely needs!

Gullible Public: Ohhh, shiny thing!

And so my latest obsession was born.

I've spent the last couple months trying to track down an antenna for this thing somewhere on the 'net or somewhere in town, and was finally directed to someplace locally that might actually have something. Indeed they did, or claimed to, though they spent a suprising amount of time trying to talk me out of giving them money; apparently my cellphone is shitty in yet another respect, the antenna connector for it can't take repeated abuse. They explained this not once, not twice, but thrice, until I managed to convince them that yes, I did in fact want an antenna. For this phone. Sometime this millenium.

So they go into the back, retrieve an adaptor and some gigantic magnet-mount car phone antenna. wtf. NO. I just got the adaptor cable, and after I got home, hacked it apart to make my own damn antenna.

Behold! Antenna! You might have seen something like this many moons ago, back when cellphones had any reception worth beans. The tip of the antenna is 4 layers of heat-shrink tubing so I don't have to worry about putting out eyes.
Detail on back. Note how the stiff wire wraps around the connector to keep it in place, before looping back and being soldered to the connector wire itself, concealed behind heat-shrink tubing. That's adhesive velcro keeping things from moving around and damaging the phone's delicate antenna connector.