This is SDL_audioin, a crossplatform library to add audio input support to SDL, modelled after SDL's audio output subsystem. Currently, it supports Linux® and Windows®, and I hope to complete a Macintosh OSX port someday. It is licensed under the GNU LGPL.

It includes with it a SDL_audioin-using version of SDL_Scope, which requires SDL_gfx.

Update -- echodemo 0.3 has been released, hopefully fixing a few porting issues. Also, SDL_audioin and echotest have been tested under cygwin.

Update -- version 0.3 rc1 has been released to fix a silly typo in the source that might cause a segfault if the device fails to open.

Update -- version 0.3 has been released to fix a major bug in the /dev/dsp audio driver. It now opens the audio device in nonblocking mode so that it will fail when another program is hogging the audio device instead of hanging forever.

Update -- version 0.2 has been released, including one minor and one major fix. The minor fix causes the Linux® backend to retry opening the audio device several times before giving up. The major fix causes the AudioSpecValid function to return 1 instead of some unknown value.

Update -- Michel Xhaard has written a nice and simple demo for SDL_audioin. It records sound and plays it right back, creating a nice echo effect. Check the downloads below for the source code.

Update -- The license on this software has been changed from the GNU GPL to the less restrictive GNU LGPL. This applies to SDL_audioin, Michel Xhaard's echodemo is still GPL.

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand,

0.3-rc1 Source tarball (357K)

0.2 Source tarball (350K)

0.2 Source and VC project (350K)

Michel Xhaard's Echo Demo 0.3(11k)

Michel Xhaard's Echo Demo 0.2(11K)

0.0.1 Source tarball (350K)

0.0.1 Source and VC project (350K)