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This is a dirt-simple commandline mailer program I put together for my own use, to send emails to idled out players on a MUD I administrate. It sends emails via SMTP. I have tested it under Linux®, Windows 98®, and Windows 2000®, but theoretically it should compile and run under most UNIX®-like OSes and any platform that supports SDL and SDL_net(it's only dependencies). It is operated quite simply:

sdlmail text.txt from_here@my.isp

Where text.txt is an ASCII file containing the body of the message. It sends the text totally raw; any headers and such you wish to be in the message, must be in the .txt file itself. The same goes for file attachments.

Update - sdlmail has had another bugfix, to prevent segmentation faults under linux. Windows and OSX versions do not need this fix

Update - sdlmail has been ported to Mac OSX, with a few minor changes bumping to version 0.5. I've abandoned the autoconf/automake garbage in favor of a small custom makefile. There is also an OSX binary installer available.

Update - sdlmail has had a few patches to port it to Windows® again, bumping the version up to 0.4.

Update - sdlmail has been modified to be more polite, giving the server a HELO message before trying to send an email. This feature is incorporated in version 0.3, now available for UNIX®-like OSes that support SDL.

Update - malac has informed me of a small shortcoming in the code - the read buffer was too small. This causes it, in some cases, to read only part of an SMTP server's greeting message, and lag 1 command behind the server every transaction afterwards. The size has been increased from 100 to 512 bytes. v0.0.2 includes this bugfix.

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand.

sdlmail-0.6.tar.gz (16K)

sdlmail-0.5.tar.gz (16K)

sdlmail-0.5 OSX installer(64K)

sdlmail-0.5 XCode 2.1 project

sdlmail-0.4.tar.gz (284K)

sdlmail 0.4 VC6 project files(118K)

sdlmail-0.4 Windows® 32-bit binaries(100K)

sdlmail-0.3.tar.gz (451K)

sdlmail-0.2.tar.gz (451K)

VC6 project files for 0.2 (117K)