[SDL Powered] skinfu is a simple commandline XMMS© skin-creation tool using the Simple Directmedia Layer. It performs transparency processing so artists don't have to waste their time drawing the same bloody stuff over and over again for the the background, the buttons, minimize/maximize areas, etc etc etc.

It reads in the XMMS© skin images from inputdir, processes transparency, then writes the modified images out to outputdir. ( Specifying the same input and output directories is a Bad Idea. ) It considers pixels of the color #ff00ff to be transparent, and replaces these with the relevant "background". Not all areas are processed, of course. If you come across an area that isn't processed but should be, let me know. Commandline syntax is

skinfu inputdir outputdir

For a visual example of skinfu's operation, here's a before and after picture. You can see quite clearly the areas where skinfu's filled in in the background for you. The skin I developed, BlueSkew, is downloadable in before and after forms.

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand,

skinfu-0.1.tar.gz (400K)