[SDL Powered]

xtopng is a general-purpose image translator based on SDL, SDL_image, libpng, and png-saving code written by Philip D. Bober. It can read many different image formats and convert them to png. Supported input file types are anything your installation of SDL_image supports. Commandline syntax is simple:

xtopng [-flag] [-flag] file1 [file2] [...]

Currently supported flags:

This code, mine and Philip's, is under the zlib license.

Update -- xtopng has been ported with little difficulty to Macintosh OSX™. The OSX version requires libpng, which I've made a package available for TOTALLY as-is. I've also replaced the automake crap in the source tarball with small custom makefiles. Rejoice as tarball sizes drop from 500K to 4K in xtopng-0.3.

Update -- I have ported xtopng to Windows® as a proof-of-principle of SDL's portability. Included in 0.2 is a source syntax fix that applies to both Linux® and Windows®.

Send comments, patches, ports, etc. to Tyler Montbriand

xtopng-0.3.tar.gz (4K)

libpng-1.2.8 OSX pkg, use at your own risk (800K)

xtopng-0.2.tar.gz (505K)

xtopng VC6 project (506K)

xtopng Windows® binaries

xtopng-0.1.tar.gz (277K)