3D Printing Libraries

I use many self-made libraries for many of my OpenSCAD projects. If you compile one of my scads and it says "file not found", good odds it's looking for one of these.

Also found here are explanations for math too complicated to elegantly display in a computer language, and references I don't want to lose.

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] dimensions/ 09-Feb-2018 18:55 - Measurements and Tables [DIR] vitamins/ 17-Jul-2017 19:58 - [TXT] tsmthread.scad 09-Jan-2017 22:11 2.3K Fast OpenSCAD Thread Generator [TXT] util-0.0.1.scad 09-Jan-2017 19:28 6.2K Old lib for pre-2016 OpenSCAD [TXT] util-0.1.0.scad 12-Jul-2017 17:53 7.6K [TXT] util-0.1.1.scad 12-Sep-2017 19:53 8.8K Now with support() module [TXT] util.scad 12-Sep-2017 19:53 8.8K Tons of little time-saving one-shots. Latest version. [   ] Gerotor_Modeling_with_NX3.pdf 09-Jan-2017 22:15 1.2M Magic formula for making gerotors
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