Tables and Dimensions Of Useful Things

No 3d printing inventor would get far without good references.

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All sizes except threads in mm.

Common Metric Bearings, mm
TypedDBWhere / Why Used
6088227Skate bearing, cheap easy and strong. Used everywhere. Fits 5/16" rod very well.
6255165Extruders, gearboxes, little things.
6355196Bigger, cheaper, uglier 625
6244135Can kludge to fit #8 SAE bolts.
63331353mm bearings were sometimes used in direct drive extruders. Rare and expensive.

Linear Bearings I Have Known
LM8UU81524Surprisingly, the go-to for hobby projects. 8mm rod is very flimsy.
KH1228121928 Was used in the mutated darwin bitsfrombytes sold. The 12mm rods were the best part of it.

Types of Common Threads
Outlets, Computer Cases#6-32Unusually strong screw for its size.
VGA Thumbscrews#4-40All the annoying screws in your junkpile are probably #4-40's.
CDROM Drive Case ScrewsM3Metric, in my country!?
North-American Garden Hose3/4" 11.5TPI 
European Garden Hose3/4" 14TPI 
Pop-Bottle ThreadsPCO1881, 27.4mm, 2.7mm pitchSee files below for far too many details.