July 28, 2004: Construction Begins

The Master Plan!
Materials, from left to right:
  • Thermoelectric Cooler - in pink foam wrap
  • Coffee Can - No, not a product placement.
  • Spraycan Foam Insulation
  • Empty CDR Spindle
  • Canopener
Removing the inside rim of the coffee can so the spindle can fit.
It fits! And man, that's wicked sharp.
Marked out the square for the thermoelectric cooler, and drilled a big hole in the middle. I've cracked the plastic already, but it's still OK.
I've sawed out grooves and snapped out one 'fin', I can saw everything else from there.
Square sawed out, and the edges whittled out a bit with an Xacto knife. It fits!
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