[SDL Powered] This is Crossfire, a cross-platform, SDL-based clone of the old C64 game Crossfire. It was an experiment on my part, an attempt to make a C++ sprite-based game API for SDL and release it under the GNU GPL. The game library soon outgrew the game, and I split it into a seperate project here.

Update! Crossfire 0.9 has been released for Macintosh OSX©. My first "real" release of something for Macintosh. Let me know if there are any problems with it please.

Update -- Crossfire 0.9 has been released. It includes a minor bugfix that might provide an even more minor performance increase with respect to not redrawing sprites unless it absolutely needs to. Not a big deal, really, but I found the bug while using the code for something else and I hate leaving bugs standing.

Update - Crossfire 0.8 has been released for Windows® 32-bit, as has spritelib 0.5. The UNIX® and Windows® versions are once again unified.

Mini-update: The Windows® 32-bit binary file now contains all necessary DLLs. Sorry about that.

Update - spritelib 0.0.5 has been released. It includes an important bugfix ( see here for details ) so I would reccomend upgrading.

Update - Crossfire 0.0.8 released. Fixes a bug in scoring and 1ups, and includes a little bit more info in the README file.

Update - Though it took a bit of tweaking, Georgie of Georgie's SOLARCADE has confirmed that Crossfire 0.0.7 and Spritelib 0.0.3 compile fine under Solaris. The changes necessary to get it working have been placed in the crossfire 0.0.7 and spritelib 0.0.3 tarballs(I didn't feel like changing version numbers again over such tiny a change). Here is a screenshot of Crossfire 0.0.7 running under Solaris Sparc. Thanks George!

Update - Crossfire 0.7 is now available. It uses spritelib 0.0.3 and will not work with spritelib 0.0.2. Hopefully this will be the last time spritelib will break compilation of things between versions. The PocketPC version works now, but isn't ready for release yet. (Unless your iPaq happens to have F1 or ESC keys.)

Update - new version of Crossfire, using a shared-library version of the game engine, spritelib. Other improvements include a running score, modifiable playlist, afew bugfixes, and a larger game board. The Windows® 32-bit version isn't ready yet. Here's a Screenshot

Crossfire 0.6 requires spritelib, which is part of spritelibtest-0.2. Once spritelibtest-0.2 is compiled and installed, running 'spritelibtest' from command prompt should cause a basic demonstartion of the features of spritelib - fast blitting, sprite management, fixed point numbers, and collision detection. Once this works you can try installing Crossfire 0.6.

Update! G. Low, maintainer of Georgie's SOLARCADE has informed me that Crossfire compiles and runs fine under Solaris! Thanks, George!

I also forgot to mention a few things in the README for 0.0.5:

  • Fullscreen: Hit alt-enter to toggle between fullscreen and windowed.
  • Pause: Hit F1 or Pause during the game to pause it.

Send comments, patches, ports etc to Tyler Montbriand

Crossfire 0.9 for Macintosh OSX© ( 5MB )

Crossfire 0.0.9 src tar.gz ( 2.7MB )

Crossfire 0.0.8 source and MSVC project ( 2.8MB )

Crossfire 0.0.8 Windows® 32-bit binaries( 2.5MB )

spritelib 0.0.8 src tar.gz ( 531K )