The CD Freezer


We used to think our CDRs would last hundreds of years, but they don't. Recent tests and projections show that, worst case, our precious data and backups may last only a year. What can we do about it?

It has also been shown that these same CDs can last 4 years longer under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. This is what I aim to build - the CD Freezer, a device capable of maintaining a cold, dry environment independent of outside conditions.

I will capture the process of design and construction as best as I can on this webpage.


  • Circuit: Construction phase
  • Physical plans: Construction phase


April 30, 2005: Construction Resumes
July 31, 2004: Version 1.00 built
July 28, 2004: New schematic
July 26, 2004: New schematic
July 24, 2004: New schematic, and important update to old
July 22, 2004: Creation of this page, to hold the data I have so far.