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Miscellaneous Projects
Code Snippets Random small programs that aren't full projects.
Indoor Gardening Hot Peppers
Mini-WebBoard WebBoard with Captcha System
PIC16f628 Programming Programming Examples for the PIC16f628 in SDCC
PIC18f2550 Programming Programming Examples for the PIC18f2550 in SDCC

Hardware Projects
The Sandisk Insecuremate How to make something big and pretty into something small and fugly.  
The CD Freezer Increasing life of archival CDR's via chilled storage.  
Dynamic Microphone Preamp A quick circuit for amplifying 150-ohm dynamic mikes to line level  
Samsung Cellphone Antenna Nobody makes antennas for my phone? We'll see about that.  
Cheap Shortwave Transmitter Cheap and probably illegal shortwave transmitter, do not build  
Stupid Boost Converter Boosting voltage the cheap and stupid way.  
Biollante Reprap Replicating Rapid Prototyper  
Electrochemical Machining Drilling holes...with electricity!  
Current Monitor Turn a inductive current sensor's output into a logic-level on/off signal  

Software Projects
Name Description
Bdancer My most useless project yet! Automates the manufacture of dancing smilies.          
Bindata Converts little binary files to data arrays in C source. Pure standard C.          
Crossfire An SDL remake of the classic C64 game          
curve_test Hackish demonstration of Hemite, Bezier, and Spline curves in SDL          
DBwrap A database-driven CGI perl template          
Egg Timer An...egg timer          
File and Forget Instant webserver, just add water.          
LBXplode An excruciatingly small program for dumping datafiles from Master of Orion II          
Multiget A batch-downloading frontend to GNU wget          
photocrop A graphical application in SDL for cropping and thumbnailing digital photos          
qdsdl A set of quick-and-dirty class wrappers for SDL structures          
scitypes A set of physics macros in C to mix and match units without crashing space probes          
sdlmail A dirt-simple commandline SMTP mailer using SDL and SDL_net          
SDL_audioin An audio recording library for SDL          
SDL_conf A free crossplatform XML configuration file library          
SDL_eventmap A configurable input event mapper for SDL          
SDL_hotkey An addon library for SDL to use Windows CE® hardware buttons.          
SDL_jewel The humble beginnings of a Bejeweled clone          
sdl_mad An example app using SDL and the MAD integer-based MP3 decoder          
SDL_mmap A cross-platform memory-mapped-file abstraction library          
SDL_plattest SDL portability demonstration. 3D, 2D, sound; three programs, four platforms.          
SDL_reader A cross-platform graphical .txt file viewer built on SDL_mmap          
SDL_rwlib A collection of stream types for use with SDL_RWops generic streams          
SDL_scope A crossplatform sound-input example          
sdl_sidplay A brutally simple hack to play C64 .sid files via libsidplay and SDL          
sdl_wingman A dirt simple example of using joysticks with SDL          
sdl_zig Demo of threads, mutexes, semaphores, and conditionals under SDL          
sensor8 A commandline utility for DLP-IO8 USB modules          
shatterize Shatters huge images into multiple small tiles          
Skinfu A simple commandline skin-creation tool for XMMS©          
sparse-fat A tool for the MS FAT filesystem, generating/copying sparse partition images          
Spritelib A sprite-based SDL arcade game framework          
tcp_pipe A simple program for extending UNIX┬« commandline piping over TCP/IP.          
Toymem Toy Memory Manager, my CS330 project open-sourced by popular request          
TSMforth My own idiosyncratic implementation of Forth, designed for cheap and easy embedding in C programs          
xinsult A stub for an X11® server written in crossplatform SDL          
xtopng A general-purpose commandline image converter.          
Art Projects